Introducing NetCanary™ – your pre-attack alarm system.

What it does

Just as the proverbial canary in the coal mine alerted miners to hidden dangers, NetCanary™ appliances sit on your network and notify you when they detect something amiss. From a probe to a device that isn't there, to traffic destined for some address you've decided to blacklist, no reconnaissance traffic escapes NetCanary's notice.

How it works

NetCanary™ appliances are passive devices that do not require any special network connection. From an ISO reference model perspective, they operate at layers 2 and 3, monitoring and keeping track of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests and other traffic, and sending alerts when constraints are violated.

NetCanary™ works on both wired and wireless networks, and, because its monitoring functionality is entirely passive, is safe for use on SCADA and other critical networks.